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A Stroke Survivor’s Words to Live By – Bob

A Stroke Survivor's Words to Live By -- Bob

Bob shared his “Words of Wisdom” with us –You got to keep fighting, you know? You got to give it everything you have, and you can do it.

We love Bob’s determination and positive attitude!

Bob is a member of the American Stroke Foundation (ASF) Next Step Program. You can find Bob patting members and staff on the back and walking in with a smile. He loves to work out and participates in the various activities ASF has to offer. After lunch, he is always the first one to get up and walk laps around the room and encourages others to join him. At the end of the day, he is always helping staff members by putting the chairs and tables away.

Bob is the sweetest man and has quite a history to share! He was Michigan. As a Navy recruit, Bob served on a “Good-Will-Tour” that took him all over Asia and the South  Pacific. He was then assigned to Alaska, which was a perfect fit for his hunting and fishing hobbies! He completed his degree and worked for General Motors for 8 years in California. His house was hit by a devastating mudslide, and he and his family relocated to our city.  He then started his own business where he managed thirty employees for metal distribution in the area which he still owns. 

Other than hunting and fishing, Bob has many other hobbies. He loves to travel with his wife, especially to her home state of Hawaii. He also loves spending time with his 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and (almost) 8 great-grandchildren. He is thankful that they are all around the area. He also owns a farm of 288 acres and visits it once a week.


Since having his stroke ten years ago, he has enjoyed more time with his children. It was an adjustment in that he has not been able to do some of what he used to, but ASF enables him to do so much more than he imagined he would when he first had his stroke.  He believes that everything is overall good, even if some things are bad- he believes good always comes. We enjoy Bob, his positive attitude, and his kindness here at ASF!