Who Are We


Nathan Nguyen
Following a stroke at the age of 29, Nathan is on the road to recovery. He has endured multiple surgeries and has been tested both mentally and physically in his daily life. He strives for perfection in his upturned world. He has a strong focus on research and clinical studies about stroke and brain injury rehabilitation and treatment.

Kerrie Teo
Nathan’s wife, she has been supporting him since day one. The face behind the website and social media, her main focus is on his health and rehabilitation program. She has an interest in developing a greater understanding and awareness of stroke in young adults, in particular focusing on traumatic stroke, mental health, and the ADF partner/ carer role.


Adopted from an animal shelter just a month before Nathan’s injury, Neko has been the one source of normality in their lives. He enjoys eating, napping, short walks outside and his toy rat.