The Power of Goal Setting

Goals have many benefits that we often overlook, and these benefits go unclaimed mostly because goal setting is a difficult process that takes time, effort, focus, and practice. In this video we’ll go over the benefits of goals, where and how to start creating goals, how to make your goal SMART, and tips to stay consistent.

Introduction (0:00-1:47)

To get started, we introduce the topic of setting goals. Goals are a powerful way to improve and organize our life. However, we can’t always capitalize on our goals.

Benefits of Goals (1:48-4:39)

If we don’t set goals for ourselves, we miss a world of opportunity to improve our lives! Goals help us in many ways, sometimes ways we’ve never thought of.

The Goal Writing Process (4:40-6:32)

Often, we don’t write goals because we’re unsure of how to do it. Having the knowledge of the process is the first step to creating and writing your specific goals! Coming up with goals takes time, effort, and practice. Having the process broken down into the fundamentals makes the goal writing process more appealing.

SMART Goals (6:33-10:47)

The best written goals are SMART, which means the goal is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based. These guidelines ensure we are making our goals effective.

Tips to Stay Consistent (10:48-13:11)

The most difficult part about completing your goal is being consistent from start to finish. Having a few tips makes the road to success less erratic! Following these tips can help you push through even your hardest days.

Goal Writing Challenge (13:16-14:04)

Now that you’ve learned more about setting goals, it’s time for you to try it out for yourself!