The Importance of Sleep Positioning

Are you someone who wonders what position you or your loved one should be sleeping in after experiencing a stroke? This video covers the importance of body positioning during sleep and provides some different options you can look into trying. Getting enough quality sleep is important for your overall health and well-being, and an easy way to help yourself sleep better is by lying in safe comfortable positions.

Benefits of Quality Sleep (0:00-1:14)

The video begins with discussing the importance of getting quality sleep and the health benefits to a good nights rest.

Negative Effects of Getting Poor Sleep (1:15-1:48)

Learn why you should be getting quality sleep to avoid negative health effects.

The Importance of Sleep Positioning (1:49-2:57)

Your sleep positioning can help you be more comfortable at night and ensure you are sleeping in safe positions after having a stroke.

Different Sleep Positions to Try (2:58-5:18)

Take a look and see if any of these positions work for you. If you already sleep in one of these positions, see if you can modify anything to be even more comfortable.

Additional Caregiver Education & Tips (5:19-6:00)

If you are a caregiver, feel free to listen to these tips on how you can help.