Victor Harbour to Granite Island


I’ll Walk With You: Walk #4

Location: Victor Harbour, Australia

Date: 27 January 2019

Distance: 2km return

Accessibility: A few accessible parking spots close to the wooden walkway and paved to the entrance. The walk itself is half on wooden planks and half taken up by the tram lines. Caution needed when navigating over the tram lines. The route is flat and there are seats along the causeway to rest and take in the scenery.

We initially planned to take the tram over and walk around Granite Island but were surprised to find the tram was not operating. This meant we had to change our plans, with Nathan walking a return journey along the causeway, missing out on the island itself. The walk, although flat, was busy with locals and tourists, so navigating amongst the people and the tram lines provided to be an event itself.

Once reaching Granite Island, we took in the view on seats located nearby, took a few photos and headed back. The wind does pick up once you’re on the bridge, so remember to bring a jacket.

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