Strokes are neurological events and as such, should be treated and approached with a “neuro” mindset and outlook. This video details how to look through a “neuro” lens with stroke recovery. As well as, the traditional “timeline” of stroke recovery.


This introduction details what will be covered in the video pertaining to Neuro vs Orthopedic in terms of stroke recovery.

Neuro vs. Ortho

Neurology involves the nervous system, which includes the brain resulting in strokes being considered a “Neurological” condition. 

Orthopedic involves the musculoskeletal system which is not directly impacted by a stroke but rather indirectly impacted. 


Spasticity can occur following a stroke. Providing deep stretches and potential splints can maintain ROM and decrease potential pain.

Flaccidity/Low-tone can benefit from passive range of motion, mirror therapy and ESTIM can also be beneficial interventions. 

Recovery Timeline

No expiration date on recovery

Improvements can always be made

General timeline of recovery typically follows great recovery and improvements the first three months post stroke onset. 

6 Months and beyond, stroke recovery continues, but at a slower rate. 

Potential Lasting Impacts

Strokes can result in long-term or lifelong impairments.

Short term impairments can also occur. 

Impairments depend and change from person to person. 

Chronic impairments do not mean that improvements can not be made.