"My Stroke is a Pain", presented by Dr. Sarah Eickmeyer

Presentation Objectives (0:22 - 0:48)

Objectives of the talk include reviewing the common causes of pain after stroke, understanding why there is pain exists, and knowing what can alleviate that pain.

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain after Stroke (0:48 - 1:04)

Shoulder pain is a common topic in Dr. Eickmeyer’s clinical practice.

Epidemiology: Pain in stroke (1:05-2:41)

This study of patients who have had a stroke showed where the patients had pain and what it was causing it. Joint pain, in the orange circle, represents 40% of the pain. 20% was mostly in the shoulder. In the green circle, 10% reported headaches. Central post stroke pain (nerve pain or neuropathic pain), in dark blue, was reported at 8%. Spasticity or muscle spasms were reported by 7% as shown in light blue. Very rarely was complex regional pain syndrome reported.

These kinds of pain often overlapped. Finding the cause and treating some of these together can be helpful.