Moving and Grooving Seated Chair Tap

Get moving and grooving with this fun seated tap dance workout. The video reviews the benefits of seated tap dancing, then walks viewers through five different tap steps (kicks, digs, heel drops, shuffles, and cramp rolls). After learning the steps, they will be combined together in a dance to “Clap Your Hands” by Leo Soul. Remember when you are dancing to sit in a sturdy chair, wear shoes, go at your own pace, and take breaks as you need. Enjoy!

Benefits of Tap Dancing (0:00-0:36)

The video begins by giving viewers an overview of the format and listing some of the benefits of tap dancing. Benefits include improving balance, coordination, flexibility, and memory.

Step 1: Kick (0:37-1:50)

The first step demonstrated is a kick. Extend your leg out, then bend at the knee and bring it back in. Modifications include sliding your foot across the ground and using your arms and hands to assist with lifting your leg. The step is repeated on the left and right sides 5 times each.

Step 2: Dig (1:51-2:46)

The second step is a dig. Place the heel of your foot on the ground, then bring your foot back to being flat on the ground with a step. Practice this step on the right and left.

Step 3: Heel Drop (2:47-3:35)

The third step is a heel drop. To do this step, place the ball of your foot on the ground, then drop your heel to the ground. The step is practiced on the right and left.

Step 4: Shuffle (3:36-4:34)

The fourth step is a shuffle, which is one of the most common tap steps. This step is similar to a kick. However, when you straighten your knee and bend it to bring it back in, you brush the ball of your foot on the ground. This step is done on the right and left.

Step 5: Cramp Roll (4:35-4:44)

The final step is a cramp roll. This step involves placing the ball of the right foot on the ground, then placing the ball of the left foot on the ground. Next, drop the heel of your right foot and follow with dropping the left heel. This step is taught on the right and left.

Dance: “Clap Your Hands” by Leo Soul (6:15-9:41)

The workout ends with combining all five steps together in a fun dance that will be sure to get you moving and grooving! Enjoy!