Russ lights up the room whenever he walks in. He is smiling and always looking to talk to everyone. He likes sharing about himself and asking about others as well. He grew up in Connecticut, but has lived in the Kansas City area for about 50 years. He originally moved here for school and remained here to start and raise his family. Russ worked for years as a psychologist helping children and families. He thoroughly enjoyed his work but has also been enjoying his retirement.

Russ says that his favorite parts of American Stroke Foundation (ASF) are the structure it provides him, the social time, and the cognitive activities. He attended the North Kansas City ASF location until the COVID hiatus where he joined the Mission location. Russ describes the ASF atmosphere as warm and encouraging. The group setting has helped him to work toward his goals while also helping others work toward their goals. He is always willing to help others accomplish their goals at ASF as can be expected from his time helping people as a psychologist.

Outside of ASF, Russ likes to read the newspaper and books. Also, he enjoys going golfing and travelling with his friends. They go on an annual trip together where they spend a week golfing and relaxing. Other than these friends, Russ has a strong support system to help him when he needs it. He lives with his significant other, Karen, and also has two sons who have helped care for him. Russ is very proud of the support he has received from these people.

Russ is proud of the improvements he has made since his stroke. He knows he has worked hard and has seen the results from his hard work. One thing Russ has said he has learned throughout life is that it is okay to ask for help when you need it. He has been able to ask for and receive help from his support system in his life and especially after his stroke. Russ is excited to be back at ASF after the COVID hiatus to continue his therapy and to spend time with the people at ASF!