Introduction, Disclosures, and Importance

Medication management is the topic of this life skills presentation. Disclosures are listed with reminders to always refer back to your medical professionals regarding your medications. Several different reasons as to why medication management is important to review is provided.

Side Effects and Allergies

Medications have side effects that you may or may not experience. Being aware of potential side effects is important to know prior to taking medications. It is also important to know of any medications you may be allergic to.

How to Keep Track and Organizers

There are several different ways to keep track of when to take your medications. Some of these can even be combined. Several suggestions include:

  • Set reminders or alarms to help you remember to take your medication on time.
  • Utilize a pill/medication organizer. There are many varieties available.
  • Write it down — keep a log of when you took  your medication dose.
  • Get pre-organized packs from your pharmacy. 

Medication Refills

It is very important to make sure to always have your medications refilled. Don’t wait until you are completely out of a medication to order a refill. Ways to ensure that this happens can be done through:

  • automatic refills
  • writing down a reminder to call to refill
  • using a planner or calendar
  • or using home delivery.

Common Medications Prescribed Post-Stroke

Some examples of common medications prescribed after a stroke are provided.

It is important to know what medications you currently take for emergency situations to share with others to avoid any further issues.

Taking multiple medications at the same time is also discussed. 

Handling Medications

If you happen to drop medications, consider others such as small children and pets who may pick up the medication and ingest it.

If you lose a medication, you may need to refill your prescription sooner. 

Storage and Expiration

Whether using a pill organizer or not, it is important to keep medication bottles/packaging that contains the medication information on it. This is helpful to refer to when needed to ensure that the correct medication and dosage are being taken as well as when medications expire.

Store medications away from direct sunlight, and store at the recommended temperature.

Hydration and Reminders

Mediations should be taken with water unless otherwise specified.

Always remember to consult with your medical doctors and healthcare professionals regarding your medications and any questions you may have.