I'll Walk With You

I’ll Walk With You follows the love, life and loss of an Australian couple moving past challenges and overcoming adversity by undertaking various walks/hikes around the world.

Nathan hopes to inspire and motivate others by pushing himself to the limit after suffering a brain injury and stroke in May 2017 as a result of a workplace accident. The injury left him with left side hemiplegia. He has since undergone multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation, relearning to walk but still suffering from residual hemiparesis. He is on the road to recovery from stroke, aiming to achieve goal after goal.

Initially told that he might not be able to walk again, Nathan has continued to surpass expectations achieving and setting goals, not just for himself but for the wider community. Nathan and Kerrie have been very dedicated to his rehabilitation and want to get back into their old hobbies including travelling, exploring new towns and hiking outdoors.

Watch this space as they attempt to walk their way to new heights, pushing through with grit and determination whilst highlighting the importance of stroke awareness along the way.