Home Improvement After a Stroke

Home modifications can help to prevent fall risks and increase participation in everyday activity. There are many cost-effective ways to make home modifications depending on your needs.

The Bathroom (1:04-4:47)

The bathroom is a major room to make modifications in because it is often a small space that requires a lot of transfers.

Grab bars are a good addition to help with transfers and standing balance either on and off the toilet or in the shower. These can be purchased at local hardware stores or Walmart. But ensure they are installed properly for safety.

Tub chairs or benches can be great for transfers in and out of the tub as well as energy conservation when taking a shower. These can also be purchased at Walmart, Amazon, or Target for pretty low prices.

Removable shower heads can be helpful for energy conservation while showering and provide extra assist for caregivers who help individuals take showers.

Soap dispensers and toothpaste lids can easily become one-handed techniques by making simple purchases at the grocery store. One-handed techniques are great for increasing independence in self-care tasks.