Energy Conservation after Stroke

Three easy techniques to help plan your day

 Before we get started, keep these important points in mind.

  • Plan Your Day
  • Do the hardest activities first
  • Plan for rests
  • Don’t force an activity

These are three easy techniques to help plan your day to maximize your participation in your daily activities.

1.) Modify Activities

Modifying activities can help make the activity more enjoyable and easier for you. These few techniques are simple ways to modify the activity to help with that.

  • Do activities seated
  • Take breaks
  • Take your time
  • Ask for help
  • Use equipment

2.) Set up environment

Setting up the environment can help conserve your energy during the activity to avoid having to get up and move during the activity.

  • Gather all materials for the activity first
  • Sit down when you can

3.) Evaluate activities

Keeping an activity journal will help you understand the activities that are hard or easy for you. It will provide you a reference to use to remember the appropriate activities.

  • Keep a journal
  • Look back at what went well
  • Think about what you would do differently