A Stroke Survivor’s Words to Live By – Verdell

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A Stroke Survivor's Words to Live By -- Verdell

Verdell shared his “Words of Wisdom” with us — “Make  your health your main priority and your body will be ok.”

Verdell’s Words of Wisdom really ring true with us at ASF!

Verdell is a member of the American Stroke Foundation (ASF). While at ASF, Verdell is known for his friendly and conversational personality. One of his favorite parts about ASF is the exercises where he can stay active and healthy. He enjoys getting on the Nu-Step and completing Morning Muscle Moves each day. Other than exercising, Verdell loves socializing and meeting the other ASF participants. He loves that everybody is so friendly and welcoming, and overall thinks ASF is a really nice place.  

When Verdell is not at the American Stroke Foundation, he can be found at home continuing to do the exercises he has learned at ASF and visiting his family. Verdell has two older sisters, three older brothers, and one younger brother who all live within five miles of Verdell. He stays busy by going to visit them all at least one time each week. Verdell always looks forward to his daughter visiting from New York City twice a year, as well.

Since Verdell’s stroke, he has looked at life a lot differently. Prior to his stroke, Verdell had health issues that he was unaware of. He has since put his health first and started focusing on daily movement and exercise. Verdell believes his stroke has improved his outlook on life and is excited for his life to continue to get better every day!