A Stroke Survivor’s Words to Live By – Meet Marie


Marie Brings Sunshine

Meet Marie!

Marie has been a participant at the American Stroke Foundation for 3 months and she believes it to be such a blessing. She loves having a place for stroke survivors to have an organized routine meant to help them thrive and succeed.

When she’s not at ASF, she enjoys watching western movies and rearranging her positive word posters around her house. Outside of ASF, Marie attends physical therapy on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s where the physical therapists help her get disability benefits and fulfill other needs.

Marie has three friends of 25 years that will check-in on her and her mom to make sure they have everything they need and will take them out to lunch sometimes. Every day, Marie is grateful to wake up and live another day and she’s thankful to be surrounded by people that give her ‘sunshine’.

The American Stroke Foundation has helped Marie’s relationships with her family by giving them positive stories about her days at ASF. Marie is thankful for every day and everyone that is in her life.

We’re thankful for your sunshine, Marie!