A Stroke Survivor’s Words to Live By – Meet Lee

Meet Lee

ASF --Friendships here are so important

Meet Lee!

The conversation with Lee about the American Stroke Foundation (ASF)  was very inspirational.

Lee describes his favorite parts of the ASF program being the exercises, mind games, and the overall environment of ASF.

While not at ASF, Lee enjoys that are not at the ASF program are gardening, hanging out with his friends, and taking care of his home. He describes his support system outside of ASF as being encouraging and caring. Expounding on his neighbors and close friends, he talks of them being very supportive and reassuring.

Lee explains that after his stroke he felt like his life was changed.  “It makes you think more seriously about your ability to carry on, and makes you aware of your mortality”. Lee says that ASF has positively impacted his life through friendships; ASF exposes survivors to people with the same problems and solutions. Lee describes ASF as helping his family and relationships through reassurance that he was going to be okay.  “They know how good it is for me to get out and that I am not alone” .  He  explains how supported he feels coming to ASF.

Lee has some powerful wise words of wisdom: “I am not a religious person, but I am spiritual. I live by: God grant me the strength to understand”.