A Stroke Survivor’s Words to Live By – Meet John

Meet Bill

ASF -- "Don't hide your feelings"

John really enjoys all the friends he has made in the other participants at the American Stroke Foundation. He is grateful for the growth he has experienced since beginning at the American Stroke Foundation, especially with his communication skills. He feels that he talks more and communicates better now than before starting. 

He says that the leaders of the groups are always coming up with different ideas, which he enjoys. He especially likes the exercises that he gets to partake in, and even says that he has started exercising more at home on his own now. 

When he is not at the American Stroke Foundation, he enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife of 27 years. He likes going to the market and out to movies or out to eat with her and with his father-in-law and mother-in-law. He also enjoys spending time with his children. John is thankful his children are grown and for the support that his family provides him. He is a big sports fan, including the Dallas Cowboys, Mavericks, and the Texas Rangers. He was very excited when they recently won their first ever World Series!

John is a very hard-worker, and we are so thankful for the dedication he brings to his recovery and his time at the American Stroke Foundation every single day!