A Stroke Survivor’s Words to Live By – Meet Joe


Joe loves making new friends at ASF

Meet Joe!

Joe likes attending the American Stroke Foundation (ASF) because he gets access to resources that can help him improve skills after his stroke. He enjoys going to the gym at ASF and using the equipment, playing cognitive games, and learning information about how he can better manage his life.

Joe spends his free time taking walks around the neighborhood and watching TV. He likes to watch sports games such as the Royals and Chiefs. Sci-fi shows are his favorite, especially Criminal minds. 

ASF has positively impacted Joe by giving him the opportunity to build friendships with other people who have also had a stroke. It gives him a sense of comfort to know that he is not alone when surrounding himself with others who are also in recovery. Joe also has been positively impacted by the students’ unbiased and comforting perspective on stroke survivors. He greatly values the social interactions he has with the students because they are judgment free and always inclusive. 

His words of wisdom are, “take one day at a time,” “live out each day the best you can,” and “if you’ve done something, you’ve accomplished something.”  That’s some great advice, Joe!