A Stroke Survivor’s Words to Live By – Meet Ernie

Meet Ernie

Words of Wisdom -- "Take what you think you’re struggling with and think about how that will help someone else..

Meet Ernie!

by Katie, O.T.S. 

Ernie, also known as “Erndog”, is one of the fantastic members of the American Stroke Foundation. One of his favorite parts of ASF is the Creative Conversations group. He discussed the benefits of this group: helps with concentration, helps focus on breathing, and helps emotionally build you up, Ernie also loves the Morning Muscle Moves portion of the day. He says that it helps engage different parts of his body, which ultimately helps with his walking. He also enjoys going on the NuStep machine, which he says helps with his muscle memory of his legs to help him walk. When Ernie is not at ASF, he spends his time volunteering at a local nursing home, speaking and interacting with residents there.

Ernie’s support system is great, including his wife, family, friends, and his dad. His wife was there for him from the beginning of his stroke recovery, including the 150 days he spent in the hospital system. Ernie does say his life changed after his stroke; he looks at life differently. He says he doesn’t take things for granted, as the situation could have turned out worse. Ernie also discussed how ASF has impacted his life positively, as it has helped with making progress with his mobility and motivation to keep going. ASF also helps give Ernie and his wife a break. Ernie says he doesn’t like to be stuck in the house, so ASF helps get him out. When asked to share words of wisdom, Ernie said, “Take what you think you’re struggling with and think about how that will help someone else.” Ernie is a kind soul who welcomes everyone in ASF with open arms, and is a hard worker to boot.