A Stroke Survivor’s Words to Live By – Meet Dale


Meet Dale

Meet Dale — ASF participant. Dale’s favorite parts of attending ASF are morning muscle moves because you only get connections through repetitions, being able to lift weights upstairs because he can work on what he wants, as well as having access to walk the track because it is flat, padded, and he can come anytime and walk no matter what the weather outside.

Dale enjoys living a simple life — watching TV, sleeping, and spending time hanging out with his eight grandkids during his time outside of ASF. He has great support full of family and friends. He says he is very lucky to have the support he has and feels it is more than any one person needs. He has friends and additional help through Elks Lodge, his eight grandkids, and his incredibly supportive wife.

Dale feels not much of his life has changed since having a stroke. He still finds humor in everything. Dale feels the only thing that has changed is that his inner twelve-year-old thoughts are expressed out loud much more often than they were before the stroke! 

Dale feels that ASF has helped him improve so much because he has hope for getting skills back. He finds ASF very  beneficial for rehabilitation. This place is second to none in Dale’s opinion.

Dale explained that ASF has benefitted his family and relationships because it has gotten him  out of the house so that he can give his wife a break and not drive her crazy. He also stated that it has allowed him to get out and be social with others.

As Dale says, “For anything bad that happens in life, that first day is always the worst, but it does get better.”