A Stroke Survivor’s Words to Live By – Meet Brian

Heat Exhaustion vs Heat Stroke

Meet Brian

Brian is a member of the American Stroke Foundation at two ASF locations. He can be found socializing with his peers and telling everyone good morning. Brian enjoys exercising and swimming at both locations and getting to talk with other people while at ASF. He states that “he loves feeling happy when he’s at ASF”. When not at the ASF program, he enjoys spending time with his children, going out to dinner for BBQ, going grocery shopping, and watching football. Brian loves Missouri football and Chiefs football, and says that he could watch football all day, every day.

Brian has a great support system in his mom and children and values having them. He says that he looks at his life much differently after having a stroke, but he chooses to be happy. When asked if he has any words of wisdom or advice for anyone who has experienced a stroke, he says to be happy, and go step-by-step. When he thinks of how the American Stroke Foundation has made him feel, he expresses feelings of happiness and pride. Brian is a friend to all he meets and someone who brings so much light to the ASF family!