A Stroke Survivor’s Words to Live By – Josh

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A Stroke Survivor's Words to Live By -- Josh

Josh shared his “Words of Wisdom” with us — Somedays you just have to get up and get going. My main objective each day is to get my day going.”

Josh we love it when you get your day started with the American Stroke Foundation!

While at ASF, Josh is known for being welcoming and for having a great sense of humor. One of his favorite parts about ASF is that attending ASF gets him out and about in the community. He likes to attend ASF every Tuesday and Thursday to talk and socialize with other participants, and to engage in the brain activities.

When Josh is not at the American Stroke Foundation, you can find him cruising around his small town on his Polaris. He enjoys going over to friend’s houses who live in town and catching up with them. Outside of hanging out with friends, Josh enjoys spending time with his family. His brother lives in town and his parents live next door to him. Another one of Josh’s biggest supporters is his service dog, Bing. Josh and Bing have been best friends ever since they met five years ago. Bing helps Josh with his balance and allows Josh to walk faster than he might if he used a cane.

Josh has looked at his life differently since having his stroke. Shortly after Josh’s stroke, he viewed life quite negatively. With time, Josh realized it doesn’t help your recovery process to have a negative outlook on life. He learned that over the years it became easier to be positive and now has an optimistic outlook on his life.