Hello Canberra

Oh why did we decide to move to Canberra in the midst of Winter?

We’ve moved into a comfortable 4 bedder on the northern side of Canberra, just a mere 5 minutes from the Federal Hwy. We spent about a week in temporary accommodation and a few weeks unpacking in our new home. We’ve spent time organising new rehab providers and specialists, working out where’s the closest grocery shop and takeaway joints. The past two months (has it been that long already?) has been a whirlwind of activity which is a welcome change to our lives in Adelaide.

As things start to settle down, we can get into some sort of routine. Our weeks consist of attending rehab 3 days a week at various locations around Canberra. On the other two days, Nathan’s new job is in Fairbairn, which is a quick (depending on traffic) 15-20minutes down another highway. Our weekends are spent lazing in bed (who wants to get up when it’s minus degrees outside!), driving up to Sydney to catch up with family and friends or slowly exploring our new city.

On top of this, Nathan pushes on with his home rehab program. This is a daily affair, which can get tiring after a while doing the same thing over and over again without seeing much progress. Nathan’s at the post two year mark now. Initially we were told that recovery happens in the first 12 months. But we now know that in order to recover, repetitive activities over a long time frame is what is needed to help neuroplasticity and regain function back.

We’ve been lucky to connect with stroke survivors around the world who are consistently regaining function back years after they’re stroke. It’s comforting and inspiring to watch others in the same position as us. We’ve also been able to connect with stroke survivors here in Canberra. Meeting face to face, we realise we’re not alone on our journey. Everyone is on their own path, but despite whatever they’re going through, everyone has been so positive and helpful with our move to Canberra.

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