Disabled parking

Public service announcement.

Please do not stand in the way with your door open and point at the disabled parking sign informing me that it’s a disabled parking spot that I’m trying to drive into. I already know that. That’s why I’m trying to park there. Please don’t judge or make an assumption of anyone trying to park in a disabled car spot. We wish we didn’t have to. I would do anything and everything to be in the position where my husband didn’t need to use the permit. But unfortunately he suffered a severe stroke that left him left side paralysed and we were told that he may never be able to walk or use his arm again. He’s had to undergo multiple life saving surgeries, had his head stitched closed multiple times, had to deal with an infection and has had to relearn basic things that you and I take for granted. He’s worked extremely hard to get to the stage where he’s able to walk with a walking stick, but things like fatigue and balance are ongoing issues that he’s working on. He needs a wide area to open the door the whole way so he can get out of the car. It’s difficult parking in tight car parking spots as it’s hard for him to get out without help.

So in the future, please don’t judge us or anyone else trying to park in a disabled car spot. Thank you.

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