What’s been happening?

Things have been changing. It is inevitable.

Since my last blog post, Nathan and I have been through a whirlwind of emotions. Some expected, some unexpected.

Shortly after his one year incident anniversary (do you call it an anniversary?), Nathan unfortunately had another seizure. This was totally unexpected and a total shock to both of us as everything had been going so well for him. His recovery from surgery was going well. He has been improving through continued rehab. But this seizure was a giant kick in the guts. It was a harsh wake up call that things in life can change in an instant. It was also a reminder that we need to be aware that seizures can happen after a stroke and to know what to do in the situation.


Despite Nathan’s medical ordeal, he has bounced back quite well and continues to push himself in rehab. Nathan finished up at BIRCH earlier this month and has slowly been transitioning to private rehab providers. He is attending Libby Bamford Neurophysiology and NeuroMoves for physio, gym and hydrotherapy sessions. He is attending One Rehabilitation Service for occupational therapy and speech pathology. He will continue to see a psychologist and PhysioXtra for Lokomat sessions.

We have been fortunate to trial a number of rehab devices through his time at BIRU and BIRCH. ableX Healthcare have provdied us with the ableX system to trial at home. It consists of a controller, handlebar and armskate that connect to a computer or laptop, the user can play various games by moving their affected arm (with support from their unaffected arm if needed). We love having the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals or organisations who are passionate about stroke and brain injury rehab recovery.


Also, with friends and family popping over to say hello, we’ve been forced out of the house and out into the real world. It has lined up well with Nathan’s transition from BIRCH to separate providers. We need to learn how to adapt to new situations, like unpredictable weather, unknown terrain, navigating through shopping centres or car parks and even other smaller things we take for granted.

With these new changes, we’re still adapting to new routines and lifestyle. I hope that we will see continued recovery with these new providers. We were initially told that most of the recovery for stroke survivors happens in the first 6 to 12 months and plateau after that. However we have spoken to a number of stroke survivors who continue to improve years down the track. Studies of neuroplasticity and the brain are still in it’s infancy. I hope Nathan can show everyone that recovery can still happen with the right level of determination, effort and support.


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