After Stroke — Self Care — The Four P’s for Energy Conservation

After Stroke Well Life -- Self Care-- The Four P's of Energy Conservation

The Four P’s for Energy Conservation: Planning, Pacing, Prioritizing, and Positioning. These strategies are essential for managing energy levels, especially for stroke survivors. By planning activities, pacing yourself, prioritizing tasks, and positioning the body ergonomically, you can conserve energy and improve overall well-being. Share these tips with others for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

  • Planning:  Plan your week ahead of time. Put the more demanding tasks at the beginning of your day and plan times for breaks.
  • Pacing:  Pace yourself throughout the day. Take breaks if you get tired. Your body will thank you.
  • Prioritizing:  Write out your goals at the beginning of the week, from hardest to complete to the easiest. Plan how you want your day to go to reach your goals.
  • Positioning:  Pay attention to how your body is positioned. If you can complete something sitting down, so do to save your energy.